Vape Cartridge Packaging – How to Make These Boxes?

Vapes are premium e-cigs that are gaining popularity worldwide. The best thing about these vapes is that they come in different flavors and sizes, too. However, the cartridge type is the most popular among the many vape designs available. So, let’s start talking about thc vape cartridge packaging!

Before we proceed to know how to make these boxes, it will be great to have an idea of what a cartridge vape is! A cartridge vape has a design to fill up your e-juice manually after draining it completely when vaping – just like with regular cigarettes.

So now, once you’re done with what a cartridge vape truly is, then it’s time to find out how do you package them properly? First, of course, significant factors are to be considered while making vape cartridges boxes. These are the following:

Focus on the Packaging Seals:

Ensure there is no leakage of your e-juice inside the box once sealed. Make sure you put the parts together before putting them in the box. They could be broken during shipping or if they are kept in storage. The product label should have an appealing design that’s eye-catching for customers. You should put your brand or business on the label. You should also put in your website address if you have one.

The cartridge and the atomizer must fit together without any space between them when they are stored. If you order online, most people want to see what they are buying. So, make sure that you package your things well so that they don’t get broken during shipping.

Make Spacious Packaging Boxes for Your Vapes

One of the most important things about vape cartridge packaging boxes is that they have a space where you can place your product label. The product label must have a clear background so it will perfectly show out from this white space.

You might want to print something on this sheet of paper. You can also attach something that is already on the box or you can put a sticker on it. It is best when designing a vaping product to keep it simple. This way, people who buy products will like them more and they will be able to use the product better.

Add Window to Your Packaging

Filling loose cartridges into cartons can get messy, especially if every part of your cartridge is leaking. It might be a good idea to have containers that are made especially for vaping cartridges. Some boxes have spaces for all of you vape cartridges. The cover is clear so you can see which flavors are in there without having to open the boxes. This way, customers will know what flavor they bought. They can even put it in their purse or pocket and the name of the flavor will still be on the outside of the container.

There are many different designs of empty vape cartridge boxes. You might want to choose one that matches your company’s design theme. These containers are used to protect your products until they get to the customers.

Use Cardboard for This Type of Packaging

Cartons should be made of sturdy paper or cardboard. Ensure that you’ll include some informative stuff on the packaging for better marketing and avoid confusion among your customers. You may also ask for color graphics and images to improve the appearance of your book, but be careful that they are not too bright or big so people can still view them without hurting their eyes.

MOREOVER, custom kraft boxes are also a very reliable option. These boxes are very advantageous, economical, and sustainable, so choosing them will also be a great option for your business. 

How to Make the Boxes?

You can try making your boxes, but it is suggested to outsource this so you will be able to save time. Many printing companies offer their services cheap, and you’ll even get free delivery! The only thing that you need to do is design your box first. You may visit online forums or use simple online tools like Photoshop if you know how to use them. Remember that these things should be easy in the eyes of your customers, so just go with simple colors and basic fonts. Also, if possible, ask for samples before ordering in bulk to avoid wasting money since not all printers can give quality work. 

Be Creative with Your Packaging without Spending too Much

There are lots of ways to make your packaging unique and attractive. If you think that by spending a lot on materials and customizations, you can make your product stand out from the rest, then you’re wrong. It’s great if you have extra money to be used for these things, but not all businesses can afford it. Think about other ways that will let you save money and contribute to the uniqueness of the packaging. For example:

1) Get Creative with Your Box Design

You can use paper clay, foil papers, or lamination to make your project. You could even use cardboard. These boxes are not expensive if they are made with recycled materials. You can find someone who does this and then compare the prices and quality of the products.

2) Think About the Cartridge Design

For this one, you could go to either supplier who offers customized services or try doing it yourself. For me, I would just print my design directly on the cartridge box but if you’re not good at making designs (or your lazy like me), then take advantage of their service! After all, it’s much better than paying extra money for something that’s not necessary.

Final Words:

Proper branding and packaging are essential whether you’re a pro or a newbie in the vape industry. This way, you can easily distinguish your products from other cartridges since it makes your products look professional. On the other hand, if you want the whole packaging to be simple yet classy, I suggest getting black-colored cartridge boxes with white text or logo designs.

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