A Beginners Guide to Diablo 2: Resurrected

Although it has been over two decades since this outstanding game, Diablo 2: Resurrected was launched, it is not surprising that still many of us are hooked to this game. However, it might be possible that if you are purchasing it after a long time, it might be difficult to remember the tricks and strategies of D2. 

Thus, we have come up with an effective beginners guide that can help you relive the thrilling experience served by this timeless game. First and foremost, you need to select a strong build among the Amazon, Sorceress, Druid, Necromancer, Assassin and many more. Once done, you can move onto the strategies ideal for the gameplay and even buy D2 runes. 

Some shortcuts that can help you

We have listed down some of the most valuable shortcuts for D2 that you can refer to.

  • If you want to sell an item at a store, you need to hit control and left click on the item you want to sell
  • If you want to purchase multiple items, you can even do it in one click. Press the shift tab and right click to buy more than one item at one go. This shortcut is extremely valuable if you intend to buy D2 runes that involve multiple purchases
  • Pressing alt will enable you to view all the items that were dropped on the floor, allowing a more specific view for you to select

Major useful tips for beginners

Once you are aware of different short cut features, you shall strategize your gameplay. For this, you might need to refer to the different strategies that will help you take a leap towards victory.

Buy D2 Runes

Runes or scrolls of identity and town portal are vital for the game and shall be bought as soon as you gain access to the vendor in the first act. These runes in D2 allow you to store 20 scrolls in different vessels, thus sparing considerable free inventory space. These runes occupy almost similar space from beginning to the end and help you with convenience. 

Pay attention to your Mercenary 

Although Diablo 2 does not offer much information on the mercenaries, they can be learnt once you are adept with the tricks. These mercenaries fight alongside you in various acts for a price. For example, you are rewarded with a Rogue mercenary once you have successfully completed the Blood Raven Quest. They are vital for the game and help you overcome different obstacles until they die. Nonetheless, they die pretty easily and thus, need to be attended to for a more enhanced experience. 

If you are a solo player, these mercenaries can work  wonders for you. You can even equip your mercenaries with the same weapons you are using for the fight to improve the chances of winning. 

Be open to experiments

If you intend to play on the mid-difficulty level, you are free to experiment with the build. Try different skills as you might not use your skill points later. In this case, you shall create the most customized build that suits your interests.  

Spend your skill points wisely 

It is true that you will be allowed to respec your character only once throughout the entire game. When you finish the Den of Evil quest in the first Act, Akara will present you with a one-time opportunity to respec your character. Here, you can reset all the skills and traits of your character.

Diablo 2 offers you the opportunity of taking your character to a more complex level, but you need to make sure that you don’t spend too many points in the build. This needs to be done as later on, it might be difficult for you to fight the monsters with remarkably low skill points. 

In conclusion, Diablo 2: Resurrected is a highly engaging game that will take you places. Thus, to have an optimal gaming experience, you must try to learn the correct shortcuts and strategies. One of the primary strategies to crack the victory code is to buy D2 runes that help you progress henceforth.

Meta Description:

Diablo 2: Resurrected is a thrilling game that can serve you a lifetime experience. To excel at this game, you need to buy D2 runes and follow these coherent tricks. 

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