How can you decorate the wooden temple in your house?

Every Indian house is sure to have a temple. A temple brings positivity to the entire house and is the most sacred place. Some people also believe that a well-designed and well-placed temple brings good luck. Modern houses are smaller in size so the size of home temples has also reduced. No matter what the size of your temple is, you can still make it look beautiful and elegant. Here are some ways in which you can decorate your wooden temple in order to create an inviting and serene space in your house.

  1. Painting the walls

The shades of the Pooja room should showcase a sense of serenity and look subtle. You can paint the walls of the temple room in light shades of orange or yellow. This makes the space airy, vibrant, and perfect for meditation. You can even install a chandelier on the ceiling and glass panels to add to the look. The wooden temple can also be painted in a shade that goes well with the shade of the walls.

  1. Use of lighting

In case you feel that a wooden temple looks dull or dark, you can install some lights inside the temple. Lighting plays an important role in creating an appropriate yet positive setting. You can even decorate your temple with small battery-operated tea lights that are quite trendy nowadays. To brighten the dome of the temple, you can use pendant light. Lighting up the space not also makes the temple vibrant but also aesthetically pleasing.  

  1. Unique Pooja door design

The door of the wooden temple can be designed in a unique manner. You can choose traditional ways like wooden doors with bells, carvings, or wall decors that resemble diya. The traditional way of doing the door of the temple never goes out of style. In case you want to add a modern touch to the temple, you can choose glass doors with motifs for the otherwise wooden temple. It creates a decorative as well as welcoming ambiance. 

  1. Creating a fancy backdrop

No matter how simple your temple is, you can always create a fancy backdrop to enhance the overall look of the temple. You can go for a religious symbol as a stunning backdrop or add hanging bells to create a divine atmosphere. 

  1. Accessorizing it well

You can do the doorway of the temple with flowers, garlands, or torans. You can even spread loose flowers across the mandap. Adding things like diyas, bells, lamps, etc. can give a fresh feel to the temple. You can convert a simple-looking temple into a beautiful one by simply accessorizing it with bright and cheerful things. You can even make rangolis on the floor so that temple throws a welcoming vibe. Adding bells, lights, motifs, etc. looks impressive and never goes out of fashion. A small rug or a decorative cushion can also adorn the place and give it an attractive look. Home temples can be aesthetically appealing as well as throw good and positive energy in the house.

  1. Don’t forget the corners

You can use the corner space in your house by placing a wooden temple over there. You can go for a round-shaped or triangular wooden temple that goes well with the space. In case you have limited space inside your house, a corner temple is the best pick for you. You can even go for Pooja cabinets that come in stunning designs. You can even get the temple customized as per your needs. You can get a corner temple fitted inside your kitchen, living room, or dining room wherever you feel comfortable. Many middle-class houses in India find corner temples the best because they don’t have to spare separate space for the temple. Also, they feel it is the best way to utilize corner space.

To conclude

Everybody has a separate place inside the house when it comes to home temples. A temple is a must-have in all Indian homes. Depending upon the size of your home, you can select the size of the wooden temple for your home. You can even look for some latest designs on online furniture websites. You can follow the above-mentioned tips to decorate your temple and give it a personalized look. Decorating a temple is a personal choice. In case you are tight on budget, you can decorate the temple yourself. In case you wish to make your temple the focal point of your home, you can hire a designer who can do the job for you. Also, depending upon the god you believe in, you can add a theme to your temple. For instance, in case you follow the Indian deity, you can decorate your temple with bangles, dupatta, and other related things. Always remember, your home temple is your reflection. So, decorate it well.

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