What Is The Best Type Of Weave To Use For Sew-In?

Every woman’s dream is to get the best weave hair for a seamless blend as it will look just like your natural hair and give a huge boost of confidence. 

However, finding the flawless weave for your sew-in human hair extensions will be quite difficult as there are many types of weave that you can choose from. Some weaves work well with hair extensions, but some don’t agree with what you have desired. So, we are here to help you choose the best weave for your sew-in hair extensions. 

What Is The Best Weave For Sew-In?

Achieve this style with  curly hair extension or closure wigs 

When you are choosing a type of weave for your sew-in, there are two choices that you can make; you can either go for synthetic weaves or the natural human hair sew in weaves. If you want to go for a one-time styling, you can choose synthetic weaves, but you cannot manipulate and style the synthetic weaves with hot tools. 

However, if you want to wear your weaves for a longer period, choosing the natural hair sew-in is always recommended. Human hair will last longer, and they are the best when it comes to quality. You can even style them and take advantage of their versatility to create amazing hairstyles for yourself.

There are different types of human hair weaves too, but if you want to go for premium quality hair, then choose the Indian and Brazilian hair weaves; 

Indian Virgin Hair Weaves 

Indian virgin hair will allow you to style your sew-in in many different ways; you can choose a sew-in weave with closure or a curly closure sew-in. Many women love the Indian Virgin hair weaves for their sew-ins as they give a natural luster to your hair with beautiful textures. 

Indian Virgin weaves for your natural hair sew in also have the thickest texture and suit almost every hair type. Their textures are defined, and you can choose from a variety like straight, curly, deep curly, and wavy. So choose the Indian Hair weave and slay your looks. 

Brazilian Virgin Hair Weaves

The Brazilian virgin hair weave for a natural sew-in is also one of the best weave hair for most women. The texture of the hair is rich with a super soft feel. The Brazilian hair weave requires low maintenance, and you can seamlessly blend your natural hair with the hair extensions too. 

As for the styling, you can directly choose the curly hair extensions and curly closure sew-in sourced from Brazilian hair weave, or you can manipulate and style them using hot tools. Choose the Brazilian hair weaves for your sew-in hair extensions for a seamless blend. 

How To Maintain The Sew In Hair Extensions?

Maintain and flaunt your curly closure sew-in flawlessly 

Although both the Indian and Virgin Human hair weaves last for around 12-24 months, you will need to maintain them as well as you can. Many women often get confused about washing their sew in human hair extensions. However, we have got it all covered for you. So just read below and learn the best ways to maintain them; 

  • While washing your hair, always choose sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. 
  • Wash from the ends to the roots of your hair 
  • Use a wide-tooth comb to spread the products evenly on your hair while washing. 
  • Before styling your hair, make sure that your braids underneath your natural hair sew-in hair are completely dried. 
  • If you don’t dry your natural braided hair, it will develop fungus, which can irritate your scalp.
  • Sleep with a satin scarf 
  • If you are wearing curly hair extensions, braid your hair before going to bed 
  • Ensure to keep the heat at a minimum on your hot tools while styling 
  • Visit your professional stylist at least once a month. 


Choosing the human hair weaves that are Brazilian and Indian Virgin hair weaves will always give you the best looks as you can always take advantage of their versatility and manipulate them in whichever style you desire like ponytail lemonade braids. So, go for either of these two human virgin hair weaves for your sew-in hair extensions; the one which you find most suitable for your natural hair and always look your best in every hairstyle. 

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