Parental control App: Technological Care Your Child Need

Call me old school but I believe in freedom of speech and space. So when other parents discussed that they use spy apps and monitoring software I always thought it was somtheing unnecessary and was not my cup of tea. Nothing personal it was somtheing that looked controlling from the parent’s perspective. Little did I know that it was my lack of knowledge and understanding about the topic. The concept that I thought was a villain indeed was heroic. I just needed to broaden my horizon of thinking and application. 

So turned out Parental control App usage is not an odd concept. It is not about snatching the personal space of your children but in fact, is about guiding them to find the right path. I did not get the right meaning too easily as my family had to go through some tough spots to realize that it all could have been avoided if and only if we as a parent were not that much judgemental about this technology. A Parental control App is the technological care every kid needs in this society. Given the living circumstances and conditions, with all the online stuff and smart gadgets, it is part of normal life routines. Here is how a parental app can help in parenting.

For Whereabouts Alerts:

A spy app can help the parents to know about all the secret hangout places of the kid. You can know if your kid is skipping school more frequently or partying instead of being somewhere else. The feature keeps the record of the seven-day history of all the movements of the target for the user. Know about the pinpoint location of the kids accurately and track them in case of any emergency.  

For Screen Check:

A screening check is necessary as parents should know about the kid’s screen activities. With easy access to smart gadgets and the internet, one should check all the screen activities with timestamp information with the help of spy apps. The app does not only allow the parents to jump into the screen of the target gadget but the activities are also saved in the form of screenshots and short videos. 

For App Control:

With the help of a parental control app, you can know about all the details of the installed apps. If your kid is into a violent game, or a dating app you can track it right away and take action. 

For YouTube Monitoring :

Get the app and know about the online activities of the kid. For example, you can know if your kid has a Youtube channel, about the content uploaded on the youtube channel, streaming history and more. With the YouTube screen monitoring feature, you can know about public comments as well. 

For Social Media Tracking :

Monitor more than dozens of social media and instant messenger chat apps with the help of the Parental control App. The features include the whatsapp spy app, Facebook spy app, Instagram spy app, Snapchat spy app, Line spy app, Whatsapp spy app and more. You can even get into the private chat box of the social media accounts and know about the chatting details. 

For Call Watch:

Track the incoming and outgoing call record of the target and block any irrelevant call from your kid’s device. Saving the kids from spam calls is made easy with the help of spy apps.

For Survellinec On Camera:

Remotely control the front and rear camera of the kid’s devices to capture the surroundings of the kids with the help of camera bug features. The feature can be used for android, Windows and Mac gadgets. 

For Listening to Surroundings:

Mic bug feature allows the user to listen to all the surrounding sounds and voices around the target teen. Know about their company and save them from any bully or stalker by using such apps. 

From all the offered bundles choose the one that offers all your desired features. One can use the parental control app for android, Windows, and Mac devices. All you need is physical access at the time of installation and you are good to go. Tell them if you want to or you can hide it as well as the Parental control App works in the background and does not affect the normal work of the target gadget. 

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