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Supermicro is an industry leader in a range of core concepts, including innovations in server design, system architecture, motherboard, storage, and power delivery which minimize power consumption. Their products are designed to reduce the total cost of ownership by providing scalability of performance and reliability. Their products are also supported by world-class customer service and technical support facilities throughout the Americas and APAC.

The company’s innovation is based on the insight that enterprise IT departments need dependable, robust, and scalable systems. This has led them to develop the highest quality products for their customers. For example, their high-performance computing server motherboards are designed to work with various processors with different power consumption requirements and socket types. Supermicro offers these motherboards based on different system architectures. This allows purchasing the most appropriate server architecture for every customer’s requirements and helps them scale up or down their existing infrastructure as they need to.

Supermicro designs products based on customers’ HPC requirements, offering a range of features, including system motherboard, rack components, and cooling system. These features help the company to provide high-density, high-reliability products that are a cost-effective solution for HPC server infrastructure. Supermicro’s storage server solutions are available with a selection of quality hard drives from well-known companies like Intel.

The only way to achieve this is through a proper understanding of their customer’s needs, which can only come from a wide range of experience in the industry. 

Their products are eco-friendly, having been built with minimum environmental impact. The company believes that this approach is essential to the industry as a whole, and they are one of the pioneers in this field. They strive to reduce environmental impact in their manufacturing process and shipping. Their power adapters are designed to use minimal energy and are specifically designed for each product, with an average of 100% efficiency.

What Are Some Of Their Products?

1. Data Center Server

The Supermicro Data Center Optimized SuperServer is designed to withstand CPU heating, enabling it to perform complex computing tasks under extreme conditions while conserving energy. The thermal architecture used lowers your cost of ownership and improves CPU performance. 

The server supports 24 cores per socket, comes with 2TB of memory, and also supports 2nd generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors.

2. GPU System

Supermicro GPU systems can process multiple HD video streams in real-time. With machine learning and AI advancement, it has become crucial for companies to acquire GPU systems that can perform real-time analytics. All Supermicro GPU systems are capable of handling big data applications and real-time analytics. They can process multiple HD video streams in real-time, process large volumes of image data, and perform machine learning and AI algorithms.

This system is used in Tesla cars which require rapid computing power. Supermicro’s GPU systems allow fast processing of AI algorithms to help improve the car’s performance.

3. BigTwin server

This four-node server provides reliable performance and maximum scalability to support energy-intensive data applications, including databases, cloud computing, video encoding, and machine learning across small, medium, and large data centers.

4. Private 5g
As the 4th industrial revolution sets in, companies are looking for ways to process their data quickly and efficiently. Along with the advances in computing, there is also a need for a private 5G network to secure big data. With this network, companies can integrate every object in the factory, allowing for a smooth and seamless operation. The Supermicro CYRUS 2.0 system is the perfect solution for the 5G private network to support all IoT devices in a company. It is fully virtualized and hence able to run on any standard server.

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