Best Source of Current Affairs for UPSC Prelims

As the years pass, the importance of Current Affairs in the preparation of the Civil Services Examination is growing significantly. The significant junks of questions in prelims and the mains exam are based on the current affairs’ knowledge of the aspirant instead of UPSC books. Therefore, we shall attempt to acknowledge the applicants’ problems while finding the apt and beneficial UPSC books and study materials during their preparation.

Examining The Significant Facets Of The UPSC Preparation

The UPSC Civil Services Exam is one of India’s toughest exams to be cracked! To clear the UPSC test, it is essential to have a practical approach and to be a wise applicant. The UPSC Civil Services test is divided into three stages:

1. Preliminary examination 

2. The main exam 

3. an interview round (final)

Current Affairs is a chaotic and ill-defined component that perplexes the applicants who have to appear for the exam. So first, you must look across and evaluate past year’s question papers to grasp the sorts of questions commonly posed within the current affairs category.

Current Affairs encompasses all occurrences of both national and global significance, requiring persistence of exertion to accomplish achievement.

How To Tackle The Blockheads During The Preparation?

Find the right source for study material: With so many different sources available online and offline, it becomes tough for the aspirant to choose suitable authorities.

But one should always prioritize the QUALITY of study material rather than quantity. A few of the most excellent options for learning and preparing for UPSC- current affairs are listed below-

• Newspapers such as The Hindu, Times of India, and The Indian Express

• Pratiyogita Darpan, Civil Services Times, Yojana, Niti Aayog reports, Economic and Political Weekly (for just a few issues exclusively), World Focus year-end volume, and so forth.

• Online sources- There are numerous resources accessible via the web that you can use, like the PIB site.

•You can also listen to All India Radio 

One can also refer to the BYJU’S exam to know more about UPSC prelims exams.

UPSC Prelims preparation strategies

As the UPSC Prelims cover a broad syllabus and current affairs, aspirants need to have a strategic approach to studying to qualify for this level.

Daily newspaper reading:

Read the newspaper for at least 30-45 minutes and identify a problem and take down notes on issues. 

You should concentrate on problems rather than digging into the news issues. You must seek alternatives to media and editorials, considering UPSC usually wants to know about topics in the press. This represents a pivotal moment in preparing for current events. As a result, you should comprehend current events and observe them. The event is the headlines, but the concerns are the concepts.

Creating helpful notes:

You can practice taking notes either online or offline since it assists you in studying faster before the actual examination. In addition, it represents one of the most significant ways to prepare for current events.

The much more key fact to keep in mind when gearing up news and politics notes is now that your observations must be clear and concise, seeing as in the UPSC examination.

Frequently revise everything you learn:

The most acceptable revision strategy is to rewrite repeatedly. And that’s why hardly anything beats revision if you desire to pass the UPSC Civil Service Test. In addition, these strategies will guarantee that students catch more recent news in a way that applies to this test.

Attempt making answers:

Taking a practice quiz is very helpful for preparing for UPSC prelims. There is no alternative for answering questions, so master it before it becomes too gone. You must prepare thoroughly and continue responding like an IAS official.

You must gain knowledge from previous failures and strive to grow. Preferably choose an article from a magazine or a theme from the curriculum, formulate a query, and produce your response. 

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