Top Reports in Google Analytics to drive actionable insights

Data is an extremely valuable asset to any organisation. It can be vital in driving improvements to campaigns, website design and products or services offered. One way in which we all extract valuable data is through Google analytics. However many of us are not maximising the information we are receiving. One way to improve this is through the use of Google Analytics reporting tools, otherwise here are three different reports to look into that can help drive actionable insights for your business.

  1. Audiences Report

Google Analytics can be extremely useful when it comes to defining who is actually using your website. This can be used to compare to your target audience, audience personas and how well you are matching your expectations.

Through the use of the audience report you will be able to see how your audience can be filtered through site usage and gain an understanding of how certain demographics like to interact with your organisation and areas that they do not like.

This can really help drive action, as you can begin to see where certain parts of your audience are leaving the site and make changes to rectify it, you can also see which parts of your audience are driving conversions and what is helping them do so. This can greatly improve marketing campaigns that your organisation works on in the future.

  1. Bounce Rate Report

Track which pages on your website are leading to visitors not engaging with the rest of it. Bounce rate is a vital metric for many organisations and can give real insight into pages that are hampering your website’s performance and your visitors’ needs.

By understanding which pages are leading to visitors having no further interaction with your site, you can begin to look into why that is and whether changes are necessary. Are users bouncing because they have found answers to questions that they have or do they find the landing page to be unhelpful, messy or irrelevant to what they are looking for. This can help drive fixes and improvements

  1. All Pages Performance

Drill down through all of your websites pages to see which ones are performing the best, have the most engagement and driving the most conversions. By looking through the all pages report in Google Analytics, you will be able to easily track important data such as page views, entrances, goal completions, and bounce rates.

This information is vital to your organisation and what makes this report so powerful is the ability to view all of this data at the same time. With all of this information at your fingertips it can really start to drive insightful actions that can greatly improve performance. 

For example, you can begin to understand what content and pages drive engagement and cater more campaigns around it. You can see which pages best influence conversions and drive more traffic to them.

  1. Custom Reports

Custom reports are something that all organisations should consider when wanting to drill down into the more insightful data that they need. Only you will know exactly what you are looking for when it comes to data and information on your website. The types of reports that drive the most actions are always going to be the custom ones you set up yourselves.

If you wish to drive actions on your social media campaigns then you can create a report that tracks social media traffic and their engagement. If you’re looking to maximise your PPC campaigns and the keywords you are targeting, you will be able to create a more detailed and custom report for that.

Data can always be extremely valuable and powerful, but the actions you take with it depend on wha you are looking at. Custom reports will always give you information that can drive actions and help you better understand and improve your performance.

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