Robert Kraft and the Patriots Welcome Women Cancer Survivors to Gillette for a Day of Fun 

The Patriots recently extended a special invite to 17 cancer survivors to Gillette stadium for a day of relaxation. The event was a part of a larger campaign staged by the NFL, called Crucial Catch: Intercept Cancer. Robert Kraft and the Patriots sent out surprise invites in an effort to promote cancer screening, but also as a way to honor those who have struggled against a deadly condition. Attendees had the chance to meet the famous owner and talk about their experiences with treatment. Learn more about the day, why this particular campaign is so important to Kraft., and what else Kraft has done to help the causes he cares about. 

“It’s Been Pretty Amazing”

The special day at Gillette gave women a chance to eat at the stadium, meet the team, take a yoga class, get their nails done, and get a massage. While a day of pampering was a nice perk for everyone who attended, there was a much bigger message to send to people. Detecting cancer at its earliest stages isn’t just helpful for your treatment options, it can be downright lifesaving. 

The women were thrilled to help promote this campaign. Attendee Susan Hurley said “It’s a crucial catch for cancer – early detection.” She also commented on what it was like to be with people who had gone through many of the same things as she did. “Being with all the other women who are going through this, you know, cancer is very isolating, and to be with other women and be able to hear their stories and share my story is extremely beneficial,” Hurley said. Still, she wasn’t immune to the pomp and circumstance of the event, adding “It’s been pretty amazing. It’s always great when you can meet your favorite players and your favorite team.” 

Talking to Kraft 

Robert Kraft personally spent time with people at the event, all of whom had received treatment at Dana-Farber and Mass General Hospital. Kraft lost his wife Myra to ovarian cancer in 2011, and this event was important to him on several levels. Kraft remarked “It’s one of the most special days to me, personally, because I lost the dearest person in my life to this insidious disease.” As the day wrapped up, he had just one request: he wanted everyone to attend the game on October 24. Before the kick-off against the Bears, there would be a special on-field ceremony for the women. This small tribute would be a highly visible way to promote the NFL’s bigger push to get everyone screened. 

Myra Kraft passed away after battling with cancer at 68 years old. Before she passed away, she was an active participant in a number of philanthropic organizations, including the Robert and Myra Kraft Family Foundation and the New England Patriots Foundation. Both of these nonprofits contributed millions in charities in both the US and Israel, and their collective impact has been immeasurable. She was also the first woman to chair the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston in 1995, a position she held until 2002. 

The Crucial Catch Campaign 

The NFL and the American Cancer Society have been working together for the last 14 years to develop a program that drives real results for early cancer detection. Being screened for cancer can be a scary prospect for many people, which can cause them to either put off the appointments or prevent them from going altogether. This year, the funding provided by the NFL makes it possible for everyone to find their nearest cancer-screening center. 

All fans have to do is text CATCH to 635635 or go to catch. On the website, not only will fans find educational information, they also have access to a 24-hour cancer hotline as well as a 24-hour chat feature that they can use to get their questions answered. For anyone who’s been putting off talking to a doctor, the NFL’s partners can give fans the means to save their life. 

Robert Kraft and Philanthropy

Philanthropy for Robert Kraft is more than donating money. It’s time, resources, skills, and relationships. It’s connecting people together and ensuring that they have what they need to accomplish their goals. Over time, he and his family have given more than $500 million to charities, nonprofits, and causes. 

Kraft is passionate about social justice and healthcare. In the past 8 years, he’s made surprise gifts to nonprofits that protect the most vulnerable populations. He’s given more than $14 million to groups that create social and economic safety nets for people who are struggling to stay afloat. When we all go through difficult periods, Kraft believes it’s critical that everyone has someone they can turn to when the chips are down. 

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