Raffaele Riva Discusses the Principal Aspects That Guide His Business Philosophy 

Raffaele Riva received his degree in economics from the University of Milan in the year 1987. Through the completion of extra schooling in 1989, he achieved the status of Qualified Accountant. After completing his schooling, Riva entered the business sector and went on to hold a variety of management roles in prestigious companies. In 2008, he planned to launch his own business by capitalizing on his previous knowledge.

It is known as the AUREA Multi Family Office, and it contains a number of regulated firms under its roof. Some of these companies are Milano Fiduciaria, BGB AUREA Ltd. and Aurea Consulenti Associati SA. The fields of international financial transactions, business restructuring, and trust real estate are among Riva’s particular areas of expertise. He discusses in further detail how he was able to get at his current position, as well as the steps that other business owners of start-ups should do in order to realize their ambitions.

The Perspective of Riva on the Business World

Raffaele Riva is not of the opinion that riches are the best indicator of success. In point of fact, he believes that it is determined by one’s level of audacity. “Someone who is affluent does not fear becoming poor,” as the saying goes. Because he is aware that insufficient financial flow may cause a great deal of stress for individuals, he is not making a flippant comment when he says this. It takes a lot of effort to maintain a positive mindset when confronted with adversity, yet doing so is very essential in order to achieve success in life.

Throughout his life, Raffaele Riva has had a number of setbacks, most notably with regard to his pursuit of rapid expansion. When he considers the process of attempting to launch his company, he reflects on the fact that he has “committed to too many chances and initiatives with too many business partners.” It turned out that some of them were not the best option, and their fast expansion was comparable to cancer. He was forced to acquire the skill of declining proposals in order for his company to maintain development without collapsing under the weight of its own success.

He has learned that maintaining his sense of equilibrium is one of the most important lessons in life. According to Riva, just because you put the interests of other people above your own does not always indicate that they will return the favor. In fact, it is quite probable that people will take advantage of the offer without even being aware that they are doing so.

Now, what he does is search for solutions that take into account his requirements without neglecting those of the people in his immediate environment. At this stage in his career, he has gained sufficient expertise to see chances that others would overlook. He urges business owners to regularly assess circumstances from a variety of perspectives and to make judgments that are consistent with their own beliefs, objectives, and goals.

Getting Things Done and Done Right

Albert Einstein himself is the source of one of Riva’s most treasured proverbs and sayings, which is, separate yourself from those who are negative. They have an issue for each and every one of the solutions. Riva interprets it as a message to never stop believing in himself, regardless of the number of times he messes up. Because of this innate confidence in himself, other people are more likely to trust in him as well, which makes it simpler to complete other tasks during the day.

Due to the fact that Riva is an exceptionally prolific professional, this is a recurring theme for him. Working from dawn to night, he ensures that the most critical tasks are completed first thing in the morning and that he stays on top of everything.

Even though Riva’s primary concentration was on finance, this does not imply that he did not acquire a significant amount of knowledge about the operation of many types of organizations.

No matter what field they choose to enter, entrepreneurs have a significant amount of work ahead of them. According to Riva, being current on anything that piques your interest is one of the most crucial things you can do. He encourages individuals to broaden their horizons whenever it is feasible and to allow themselves the time to thoroughly investigate new developments so that they are not left behind.

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